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Rugby 101

Rugby is the fastest-growing sport in the United States, boasting over 44,000 registered players in youth and high school.

Originating in England in the 1800s, rugby has evolved into a diverse and international sport played by more than 7 million people in 132 countries. Rugby is an Olympic Sport and even has its own World Cup where the best countries in the world compete for glory.

How to Play Rugby

Rugby is easy to learn yet challenging to master. To get a quick overview, watch this short video: Rugby 101 video.

Rugby in Our Area

Locally, youth and high school rugby programs flourish in Fairfield County, Westchester County, and the tri-state region. Rugby Connecticut offers three high school divisions for boys: Division 1 Varsity, Division 2 Varsity, and Freshman/Sophomore, along with a Varsity Girls Division.

A Lifelong Sport

Rugby offers recreational, competitive, and elite opportunities post-high school:

Play in College: With over 900 college men's and women's rugby programs in the United States, several colleges and organizations provide rugby scholarships.

Play for a Club: Amateur rugby clubs, ranging from social to highly competitive, exist worldwide. Nearby, there are men's and women's teams in Greenwich, Fairfield, White Plains, and New York City.

Play Professionally: The United States hosts Major League Rugby, while professional leagues thrive globally, including the UK, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

Represent Your Country: USA Rugby offers age-grade teams, men's and women's teams, and Rugby 7s, an Olympic sport. The pinnacle is the Rugby World Cup every four years, with the USA hosting in 2031 (men's) and 2033 (women's).

Player Welfare

Rugby, a contact sport, carries inherent risks, but several safety measures are in place:

Protective Equipment: Contrary to common belief, rugby players can wear protective gear, including a required mouthguard, cleats, optional soft-shell scrum cap, shoulder/chest padding, compression wear, and turf tape.

Prohibited Foul Play: Referees enforce strict rules against foul play, including tackling above the shoulders, tackling players in the air, and other foul play.

Certified Referees: Matches are officiated by certified referees, trained to apply the laws, and manage the game.

Certified Trainers: A certified trainer or emergency medical technician is present at all matches.

Certified Coaches: Coaches must be USA Rugby trained and certified, so that players can receive proper instruction.

Policies and Guidelines: World Rugby and USA Rugby have comprehensive player welfare policies, including protocols for age groups, mixed gender teams, transgender players, and a detailed concussion protocol with mandatory rest periods and a graduated return-to-play protocol.