Stamford Rugby Club
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Stamford Rugby Club is more than just a club, it's a family! Hear from proud parents whose kids have found their tribe.

Parent Testimonials

“My son started playing Rugby with the Stamford Rugby Club during the spring of his 8th grade. He instantly loved it! We joined without knowing anyone and we were instantly accepted and treated as if we were life-long friends. These boys are not only being taught the rules of Rugby, but they are also being challenged physically while the coaching staff nurtures their young personalities. They are being taught to be competitors with respect and integrity – they are being taught to become gentlemen. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for a better organization for my son to be involved with – I only wish they could practice EVERYDAY!", Gina M.

“Stamford Rugby had been an amazing experience for my boys. We didn't know much about the game when we started but the coaches have been amazing in teaching the boys the game. It’s a wonderful environment where all the kids are taught to respect and support one another with the emphasis on teamwork rather than individualism. My boys come off the pitch every practice pumped and positive regardless of the crazy workouts and being a sweaty muddy mess. We love being a part of the SRC and look forward to being a part of this wonderful growing club for many years to come.”, Anonymous

“Last year was my son's first ever experience playing rugby. He was nervous to learn the game, but the coaches made it so easy for him to learn and play the game the correct way. He LOVES rugby now! I was initially concerned that rugby would be a brutal sport, but there is padding you can wear for protection and tackling is monitored closely by the Sirs (refs). I saw far more injuries during a soccer game than I did during rugby games. Playing rugby also improved my son's football skills greatly. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend your child try rugby. It's a great sport and a great community!", Cindy R.

“Our son had played rugby in Greenwich for many years, and we were very excited when the Stamford club opened to give him an option to play in High School as a Stamford resident. He’s had a great experience with a hard-working group of coaches / volunteers and the club has developed in leaps and bounds in the short time it’s been around. I look forward to more kids in Stamford getting to experience the great sport of rugby through Stamford Rugby Club.”, Fergus S.

“We love Stamford Rugby. My boys enjoy the game. The coaches and the teammates are an awesome bunch. They help build strength and confidence. And are teaching my boys great teamwork.", Colleen G.

“My son Mason learned rugby quickly and now loves the sport. This is because of the skilled coaches instructing the players. Mason is now a lifelong rugby player.”, Mark D.

“Stamford Rugby Club has a lot of heart. It's a young club working hard to make it's mark in rugby. The coaches bring passion and commitment. As a parent of boys, this club brought a huge amount of value for money and a great experience for my son.”, Helen D.

“SRC is run by extremely organized, passionate, and generous individuals who have created a great low-cost opportunity for Stamford kids of all backgrounds to build fitness, character, and teamwork in a safe and fun environment.”, Brian M.

“We had a brilliant experience. Our son Daniel was completely new to rugby (having mainly spent his time playing soccer) but the level of coaching at an individual and a team level was absolutely first rate and very soon the boys were competitive with other local teams, such as Greenwich, that had been playing for many years. The environment the coaches created was encouraging, safe and fun but they also worked wonders to transform the boys and the team within a very short period. Our sincere thanks!”, Brad O.

“Our coaches want to establish rugby as a strong sport in the USA and I think they are professionals.”, Tamat C.

“Both my sons have participated in Stamford Rugby.  The sport introduces discipline and teamwork, while maintaining a fun and positive environment.  It's truly a unique opportunity to provide our children with the chance to participate in a relatively new and growing sport in our local area.”, Jorel F.

Player Testimonials

“At first you might think that it will be hard to fit on a team that you don’t or a sport you don’t know. I know this because I was one of those people but when I joined, I was amazed by the amount of things that I learned. I didn’t just learn about rugby but about friendship, adapting, and most importantly leadership and being a team player. The best way of knowing if you want to play rugby is to just try it.”, Luka K.

“This was my first year playing rugby and I was honored to be given the best back award for U14s.”, Elijah S.

“When I joined Stamford rugby I was immediately welcomed. As rugby is my favorite sport it wasn’t hard to have a lot of fun while working hard and making friends. Rugby has taught me how to be a good teammate and leader. Stamford Rugby Club is a great place to have fun, make friends, and play rugby. No matter your shape or size rugby can still be the sport for you.”, Mikah I.

“I’ve played rugby for a while, and it is amazing that there is a team I can play for at the high school level here in Stamford. Everyone is so welcoming and nice, no matter your skill level. The coaches accommodate for everyone on the team, and make sure everyone gives their all. Being a part of Stamford Rugby Club has taught me so much, and I look forward to the season to come.”, Magnus S.